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Aiden Milligan

MA Fine Art (with Distinction) - Gray's School of Art (2017 – 2018) 

 Gray’s School of Art에서 순수미술 전공으로 석사학위 취득

First Class BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Printmaking) - Gray's School of Art (2013 – 2017) 

Gray’s School of Art에서 현대미술 전공(판화)으로 학사학위 취득


 주로 작가의 고향인 South Ayshire에서의 일상과 관련된 작업을 이어가고 있다. 특히 Maybole 지역에서의 기억과 지역에 대한 작가의 후속연구들이 반영된, 자전적인 작업이 주를 이루는 작가이다. 그림을 통해 유머와 사악한 것 사이의 미묘한 차이와 경계를 탐구하고자 하며, 기본적으로 작가가 그린 세계는 스코틀랜드 시골에서의 일상적인 이야기를 담고 있다. 때때로 민속, 지역 관습, 그리고 작가의 시선을 토대로 삶의 이야기를 들려주는 자신의 경험으로 도리어 자아성찰을 하기도 한다. 어떤 의미에서는, 작가는 이러한 향수의 장소로 돌아가면서 지금과 같은 세상을 재조명한다. 따라서 작가의 그림 속 장소는 두 사람의 만남, 옛 추억과 현대 생활의 현실의 만남이 이뤄지는 공간이 된다. 작가는 자신의 작업에 대해 “우리의 세계는 그 어느 때보다도 상호 연결되어 있었고 그것은 좋은 일입니다. 하지만 시간을 늦추고 우리의 뿌리와 다시 접촉하는 데 진정한 가치가 있습니다.”라고 우리에게 전하며, 우리가 잊고 지낸 것들에 대해 새로이 생각하게 한다.

 My work is deeply rooted and concerned with South Ayrshire; informed by my own experience in my hometown of Maybole, and my subsequent research of Ayrshire and Arran as a whole. Within my practice, I use painting to explore narratives that tread the fine line between humour and the sinister. My painted world depicts stories of people within the context of everyday rural Scotland, at times calling on folklore, local custom, and own observations from experience to conjure narratives that tell a story of life as I see it. My work deals in black humour and never escapes life’s tragedies and mishap but does offer a vision of the world through child’s eyes. If I paint a tree, a barn in a field, an abandoned air rifle range on a hill, then there’s a good chance I have fond memories of it; there is a genuine connection to my imagery and my formative years in rural Southwest Scotland. In a sense, I re-examine the world as it is now by returning to these places of nostalgia. The place in the painting is a meeting of the two, the nostalgia of old with the realities of contemporary life. Our world has never been more interconnected and that’s a good thing, but there is real value in slowing down time and getting back in touch with our roots.




Songs of the Imbeciles, Baskwell Arts, Edinburgh (2 person show with María Gordon) 


In The Bleak Midwinter, Baskwell Arts, Edinburgh 

Winter Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen 

Summer Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen 


Devil In The Landscape (Solo Show), Waluso Gallery, London 

Winter Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen

RSA Annual, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen 

The Scottish Show, Panter and Hall, London 


Little Originals, Dock Street Studios, Dundee 

Flora, Fauna, and Other Forms (Nomad), Bonnymuir Green, Aberdeen 

Autumn Feature Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen 

The Scottish Show, Panter and Hall, London 


Winter Show, Compass Gallery, Glasgow 

Glean, The Worm, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen

Winter Show, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen 

Masters Show - Gray's School of Art 

RSA Open, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Summer Show, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen  

FBA Futures, Mall Galleries, London 

London Art Fair (with Compass Gallery), London 


Naughty and Nice (Sweet 'Art) - Espacio Gallery, London 

Winter Show, Compass Gallery, Glasgow 

New Faces, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen 

FreshAyr, Queens Court, Ayr New Generation Show, Compass Gallery, Glasgow 

Gray's School of Art Degree Show 

Contemporary Art Practice Pre-Degree Show, Hatch, Aberdeen 

Wellbeing and Environmental Conference, Sir Ian Wood Building, Robert Gordon University 

Stuffed, Newave Gallery, Aberdeen 



Base Collective Print Show, SBS Gallery, Humboldt, California, United States of America

Dressed In Grey, SWG3, Glasgow 

Testing Time, (Look Again: Visual Art and Design Festival) Gray's School of Art Foyer 

Perspicacity, The Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen 

Drawing In Response, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen


2018 RSA Open: Edinburgh Art Shop Prize 

2017 BP Fine Art Award (Winner)


2019 Royal Drawing School: Dumfries House


The Wood Group 

Private collections across Europe, North America and Asia


 Art North magazine issue 05 - Spring 2020 – Featured Artist

Art North magazine issue 04 - Winter 2019