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Lee Aeri


이애리 작가의 작업에는 '꽈리'가 있다. 열매나 씨앗을 통해 생명과 자연의 소중함을 생각하며 작품 활동을 하던 작가는 어느 날 꽈리를 새롭고 신선하게 바라보았고, 자연스럽게 작업 속에 담아냈다. 작가는 꽈리를 이루는 선 하나 하나에 자신만의 이야기를 담아서 시작되었던 것들이 이제는 많은 사람들의 안녕과 평안을 바라는 마음을 담게 되었고, 여러가지 희노애락을 겪으면서 스스로를 위해서 긋는 선들은 시간이 지나면서 모두를 이어주는 끈이 된다. 

The artist's work is characterized by 'Ground Cherry'. She thinks about the importance of life and nature through fruits and seeds. While working on her artwork, one day, the artist looked at quince in a new and fresh way, and naturally incorporated it into her work. What began as the artist's own story in each of the lines that make up a Ground Cherry has now come to represent her wish for the well-being and peace of many people, and the lines she draws for herself while experiencing various joys and sorrows become a string that connects everyone over time.

Instagram : aerilee4300

씨앗 열매를 통해 생명의 순환, 자연의 소중함을 생각하며 작업하던 중 주황색 꽈리가 눈에 들어왔다. 꽈리 작업의 시작으로, 작업실로 가는 등산로 입구에서 꽈리를 파시는 할머니에게 어려웠던 옛날 어릴 적 뒷동산에서 친구들과 꽈리만 있으면 하루 종일 놀았다는 동화 같은 이야기를 들었다.요즘의 우리들은 먹거리, 놀거리 등 문화적인 혜택이 풍부하다 못해 넘쳐나는 시기라 조금은 낯설었지만 더욱 새롭고 신선했다. 예쁜 꽈리를 시각적으로 보는 것 만으로도 즐겁지만 살짝 벌려 안에 있는 방울토마토 같이 생긴 열매의 새콤, 달콤, 쌉쓰름한 맛에 배를 채우고 꽉꽉 소리를 내며, 자칫 부셔질 것 같은 가벼운 껍질로 피리를 불며 재미있게 놀았다는 이야기는 시각, 미각, 촉각, 후각, 청각 등 오감을 만족시키는 풍부한 예술의 소재가 된다.

- 작가노트中 -

As I was working on the cycle of life and the importance of nature through seeds and fruits, I caught sight of an orange Ground Cherry. As the beginning of my work on the Ground Cherry, I heard a fairy tale story from my grandmother, who was selling peaches at the entrance of the hiking trail to the workshop, that when she was a child, she used to play all day with her friends in the backyard as long as she had Ground Cherry. Nowadays, we are inundated with cultural benefits such as food and entertainment, so it was a little strange, but it was even more new and fresh. It's fun to look at the pretty Ground Cherry visually, but the story of opening it slightly to enjoy the sour, sweet, and bitter flavors of the cherry tomato-like fruit inside, making a tight sound, and playing a flute with a light shell that looks like it might break is a rich source of art that satisfies the five senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing.

 - Artist’s Statement -


Graduated from Seonhwa Arts High Schoo.

 B.F.A. in Korean Painting, Sookmyung Women's University, Graduate School of Fine Arts.

Doctor of Fine Arts (Ph. D.), Department of Plastic Arts, Sookmyung Women's University.


2013 The 33rd the Best Artist of the Year-Examiners' Selection Special Artist Award

2012 Superior Atist Prize at the fine Arts Grand contest of Korea lnternational Art institute

2007 Superior prize at the Fine Arts Grand contest of lnternational Fan Art Fai,

2004 1998 Special prize at the Fine Arts Grand contest of Republic of Korea

2003 Jeongye Atist Prize at the fine Arts Grand contest and more than 20times of Awarded


2023 Solo Exhibition (Rose Gallery LA, USA) Solo Exhibition (Gallery Marie, Seoul) Solo Exhibition (HOME Gallery LA, USA)

2022 Solo Exhibition (Hyundai Department Store Trade Center Gallery H, Seoul) Solo Exhibition (KLAMP Gallery, Seoul) 2021 Solo Exhibition (VIDI Gallery, Seoul) Invitation of Solgeo Art Museum (Solgeo Art Museum, Gyeongsangbukdo)

2020 Solo Exhibition (Sono art Gallery, Seoul) Solo Exhibition (Galleria Department Store Gwanggyo, MVG lounge, Gyunggi) 

2021 Invitational Exhibition One Slow Line of San Morongi - Special Exhibition of Korean Painting 3rd Room (Solger Museum of Art, Gyeongju)

2020 Invitational Exhibition Good Luck -Today's You- (Sono Art Gallery, Seoul)

2020 Choi Youngwook, Lee Ari Invitational Exhibition (Galerie We, Gyeonggi)

2020 Invitational Exhibition (Galleria Department Store Gwanggyo VIP Lounge 12F, Gyeonggi)

2019 Invitational Exhibition (Lotte Department Store Yeongdeungpo MVG Lounge 4,5F, Seoul)

2019 Invitational Exhibition (HDAC Cafed Block, Hyundai BS&C, Seoul)

2019 Invitational Exhibition (Liu Gallery, Shanghai-China)

2018 Invitational Exhibition (Hankyung Gallery, Seoul)

2017 Invitational Exhibition (Gallery Hoon, Seoul)

2017 Invitational Exhibition (Gallery Atrière, Gyeonggi)

2017 Invitational Exhibition (Migusta Gallery, Seoul)

2015 Invitational Exhibition (Gallery CHUN NewYork, USA)

2015 Invitational Exhibition (Gallery Peach, Seoul) 2014 Invitational Exhibition (Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Gallery MI, Japan)

2014 Invitational Exhibition (Amelie A. Wallace Gallery SUNY College at Old Westbery in NewYork, USA)

2014 Invitational Exhibition (Space Womb Gallery NewYork, USA)

2012 Invitational Exhibition (Qingdao Mingjia Art Museum, China)